Musks Maths

U kent Elon Musk, de man achter zo veel wilde, maar o zo verwezenlijkbare, plannen? Tesla Motors? PayPal? De Hyperloop? Hieronder wat citaten uit een artikel over hem.



The reason behind the success of Elon Musk and his companies is quite simple. The CEO of Tesla Motors has always focused on the fundamental side of an idea, and he improves his approach by adding some basic math. All of this leads to increased productivity and creating something that sounds difficult to most people.

When it comes to Elon Musk, he also sees things from their rudimentary aspects and loves to talk about the basic math behind them. For The Boring Company, his tunnel digging venture, the cost-saving idea he outlined at a recent TED Talk can be summarized in three simple steps: dig a smaller tunnel, speed up the process by tunneling and reinforcing simultaneously, and the last, drill faster by using efficient machines.

Also, he feeds his approach with numbers and math equations as simple as pi x radius^2. Reducing the area of the tunnel would also bring down the costs.

Tusk wil ook, via zijn The Boring Company, onder steden een tunnelnetwerk aan gaan leggen dat aansluit op het wegennetwerk: