Wolkenkrabber van maar liefst 480 !


When you’re building any kind of house or building, you have to watch the numbers closely. If you don’t, you could get a big bad surprise, like the people in Wichita Falls, Texas. Back in 1919, a guy named J.D. McMahon told people he was building a “skyscraper” — a really tall building — with a height of 480. Lots of excited people paid money to own a piece of it. But he worded the papers very carefully: he never said 480 feet. So he built a skyscraper only 480 inches tall, which comes to only 40 feet! That cost him a lot less money to build, and he kept all the leftover money. The buyers were super angry, because they thought they were buying a 48-story building, not a dinky 4-story one! The Newby-McMahon Building still stands today as the world’s shortest, silliest skyscraper.