Wiskunde in de VS GREAT door … immigranten (uit Duitsland)

In 1934, DAVID HILBERT, by then a grand old man of German mathematics, was dining with Bernhard Rust, the Nazi minister of education. Rust asked, “How is mathematics at Göttingen, now that it is free from the Jewish influence?” Hilbert replied, “There is no mathematics in Göttingen anymore.”

Deze anekdote, of mythe, komt uit een interessant artikel van met als titel A Math Lesson From Hitler’s Germany uit Undark. Dit is een onafhankelijke, journalistieke, online publicatie uit kringen rond het Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Nog een citaat:

By the time of Hilbert’s legendary dinner with Rust, Germany had lost its status as the world’s foremost country for mathematical research. America took its place — and today, though globalization has spread the wealth, the U.S. has retained its eminence. From Princeton and Columbia to Berkeley and Stanford, it’s hard to find a great math department in the United States that was not shaped in part by European mathematicians who came to or stayed in the U.S. because of the Nazis.

Het hele artikel kunt u hier lezen.