Zijn Selfies Dodelijker dan Haaien ?

Recente mediakoppen gaven unisono het antwoord: ja! Maar hadden de media gelijk? Kaiser Fung maakt gehakt van deze bewering in dit artikel.

Deaths while taking Selfies (Jan – Sep 2015)

1.     South African woman fell off a cliff while male companion was setting up a tripod in order to take a selfie
2.     Two Russian men died taking a selfie while playing with a live grenade with the pin pulled
3.     Three Indian men died taking a selfie running in front of a moving train
4.     Romanian woman was electrocuted as she posed on top of a train with a friend to take a selfie
5.     Russian accidentally touched live electrical wires when she climbed on a railway bridge to take a selfie
6.     Man fell into a crater in Indonesia and died while taking a selfie
7.     Singaporean tourist fell from a cliff off the coast of Bali while taking a selfie
8.     Woman plunged 40 feet to her death while hanging from a Moscow bridge and taking a selfie
9.     Man gored to death in Spain by a bull during the annual bull running festival while taking a selfie
10. Japanese tourist fell off the Taj Mahal while taking a selfie and died
11. Texan accidentally shot himself in the neck while taking a selfie
12. Russian fell to death from a nine-story building while taking a selfie
13. Drunk Mexican accidentally shot himself while posing with a gun for a selfie