Verborgen Anonieme Zaken in Amsterdam

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWZAAAAJDk3MDA3NTU3LTIwNjEtNDZhNS04NDlhLTZjM2VmYTc2MDU1MwHet Internet of (Anonymous) Things, heeft u daar al eens van gehoord? Ik wel, maar vraag vooral niet verder! Misschien dat onderstaande omschrijving van een prijsvraag ons wat verder helpt.

Ik begrijp uit deze informatie dat er momenteel zes sensoren zijn of worden verborgen in Amsterdam en dat de data daaruit op internet af te lezen zijn. Aan ons nu om te raden wat zij precies meten! Tijdens het aanstaande Discovery Festival (25 september) worden de oplossingen onthuld.

The world we live in has become a semi-digital environment and through Quantified Self technology our bodies are also part of the Internet of things. Everything has turned into data. What does that mean for us humans with our analog senses? How is our data literacy? Will Big Brother be the only one understanding the infinitely growing amount of Big Data we’re producing?

To test if we humans are capable to read, understand and live in such a world of data, we’re launching a challenge. Thanks to a new “IoT” network already covering the whole of Amsterdam we’ve been able to instal a set of sensors throughout the city. This website will collect all the data from these sensors – anonymously! Can you guess what they’re measuring? What’s the story these sensors are telling us? Do they monitor temperature, humidity, emotion or movement? Do they track the speed of tram 17 or your cat’s nightly paths? Or are -YOU- being tracked?

During the Discovery Festival on september 25th we’ll reveal where and what the sensors have been monitoring and you can experience if you’re ready to play a meaningful role in our future of total connectedness and data-driven decision making.