Gratis online cursus: Wiskunde & Sport (v/a 15 juni)

About this course
In this course you will learn to use some mathematical tools that can help predict and analyze sporting performances and outcomes. This course will help coaches, players, and enthusiasts to make educated decisions about strategy, training, and execution. We will discuss topics such as the myth of the Hot Hand and the curse of the Sports Illustrated cover; how understanding data can improve athletic performance; and how best to pick your Fantasy Football team. We will also see how elementary Calculus provides insight into the biomechanics of sports and how game theory can help improve an athlete’s strategy on the field.

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De introductiefilm hierboven gaat vooral over die belachelijke Amerikaanse sporten, die de rest van de wereld gelukkig negeert, maar de wiskundige principes zullen ook wel voor serieuzere sporten gelden.