Kakafonie van wiskundige symbolen of kunstwerk?


Mysterious graffiti daubed on a Bournemouth hoarding, appearing to show a complex equation, has been dismissed as meaningless by a mathematician.


The graffiti appeared on Boscombe Crescent outside a disused hotel.


Mathematics teacher at Charterhouse school in Surrey, Owen Elton, described it as a “cacophony of symbols”.


It is not known who created the graffiti. Boscombe councillor Chris Wakefield said it had generated “interest and wonderment” in the area.


Mr Elton said it looked like a “Hollywood movie” view of a mathematical equation.

“It’s like a pianist leaning on all the keys rather than playing a sonata – all noise and no music,” he said.


The graffiti has not been defaced since it appeared several weeks ago.


Mr Wakefield said “It adds something to the area – it’s certainly struck a chord and is better than tags or offensive graffiti.”


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