#Mathematicians, #nerds, #geeks around the world: help us out!

Whether you are living in The Netherlands or elsewhere in the world: we need your help!

First, let me introduce myself. I am Hans Wisbrun, working on a short YouTube-movie, called Film-pi, to the occasion of Pi Day 2013. The movie (3 – 5 minutes or so) will be a sort of lipdub about Mathematics and its beautiness, its esthetics. Actors will be Mathematicians, Mathematics Students, Mathematics Teachers etc. from The Netherlands.

Film-π will be put on my YouTube Channel and it should go viral after some time.

When you Google ‘How to make your video viral?’, you”ll find all sorts of information, about content, look  & feel etc. But they leave out the Mathematics once more! Going viral is, in my opinion, partly about graph theory, networks and related mathematical disciplines.

So I am now looking for mathematical tools to turn our video into a viral video.

  • formula
  • algoritms
  • tips and trics
  • research results
  • etc.
So, please leave your comment! We would be very gratefull to you.
Your contributions to this part of Science will be left on this page after we have completed our Film-pi movie. So maybe, the Abel Prize will be waiting for you some day!


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  1. Lieve Hans,
    ik heb géén idee, dit gaat mij allemaal boven de pet…..

    succes er mee!


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