De croissantvergelijking

Each time you eat a croissant you might be biting more than 500 layers of dough!

From the many options in a bakery, one of my favourites has to be the croissant. Layer after layer of spongy crunchiness mixed with a creamy buttery flavour: this flaky pastry is simply the best. Each time I eat one (which inevitably happens quite frequently) I cannot avoid thinking about the complex technique to get those many layers of dough I am eating. There are dozens of them!

If we go into the baking process for a croissant, we can actually obtain an equation for the number of layers in a croissant. Firstly, the baker prepares a mix of flour, sugar, milk, yeast and a bit of salt into a dough. It gets kneaded into a roll and then wraps a rectangle of chilled butter in it. The baker produces a layer of butter trapped between two layers of dough.

Het hele artikel met de benodigde wiskunde voor die (meer dan) 500 lagen vindt u hier.

Over het verschil tussen een croissant en een pretzel schreef ik eerder dit.